Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Rest Day

Rest Day, for both my ass, and the Tour de France.

Upon reviewing yesterday's results, I found that while No. 9 Wim Vansevenant, the anchor of the Silence-Lotto team, still has the Lanterne Rouge, No. 123, sprinter Jimmy Casper, a two time Lanterne winner himself, is taking big chunks of time out of his lead. This is the first real threat to Wim by one of the real heady pros of the Tour. While Casper, a sprinter, is falling back, just trying to haul his sorry ass over the hill, Wim has work to do. With teammate Cadel Evans in real contention, the 13 year veteran will have work to do in the peleton. When Wim does fall off the pace, he will have to fall back fast to cover Casper, yet avoid the rolling cut off time. Go Wim!

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