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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

VS Channel

What's with these people and their self-commercials? I guess I'm a "sensitive" guy. I really don't like watching cage fighting, bull riding, or serious bicycle crashes for that matter. I really can't imagine the typical cycling enthusiast does either. Who the hell watches bicycle racing hoping for a crash? Christ, I'm getting sick of seeing these thugs beat each others brains out or getting their faces stomped on by bulls and calling it a sport.

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reverend dick said...

Well, the new school of rodeo is strictly for pussies anyhow. I don't understand how they can look their elders in the eye. What with their logoed and padded kevlar vests and...and...helmets?!?! What's next? Gizzly resistant exoskeletons and rubber horns. Makes me as mad as if someone shoved some cayenne up my ass and clamped my nuts in a vice...