Friday, February 27, 2009

Through the Ice

For years they pulled an old car out onto the ice of the gravel quarry pond north of Glenville. They left the chain on the vehicle so it could be dragged out when the ice went out. There was a pool at the local bar on the Spring "break through" date. My classmate Toby's old man had a brilliant idea, that well executed, would pay off handsomely. On his date he left the bar and went out to the pond with a BUNCH of dynamite. He crawled under the car with his explosives, with the intent of blowing a hole in the ice. Somehow he miscalculated something - mistakes were made. There wasn't enough left of the unfortunate man to bury. That was the last year they had the Spring Pool.


Todd Peterson said...

Hope your classmate Toby "got the lesson" in his old man's folly. Did you guys ever play with dynamite (or firecrackers) together after that? Or did you two find a better way to drop a car through the ice?

Anonymous said...

that's one heck of a story! we had the same kind of pool in my home town. but instead of blowing it up, we just used it for practicing our slapshots.

Allan Pollock