Saturday, July 2, 2011

Forwarded Message

Hi, Gunnar--

Your frame is finished.  Tuesday or Wednesday pickup (I'll be here both days)?

Have a good holiday.



Anonymous said...

"All but essential state government services ceased on Friday after Governor Mark Dayton and Republican lawmakers failed to resolve their budget dispute before the new fiscal year began."

--I guess we can infer from this that Kvale is more essential than almost all of your other state services up there?


Gunnar Berg said...

I spent a day on our deck with an unemployed employee of the Minnesota Historical Society. Those assholes gotta get their act together so Tim can go back to work doing his historic duties.

Johann Rissik said...

They put the state on hold to deliver your bike? I like that ;)

Gunnar Berg said...

You might be surprised at the clout I have.

Silk Hope said...

Starting to sound a lot like Cali. Either cut your salary (and keep your job) like all of us private employee types. Or have some unpaid furlough days. Take your pick.

You get no sympathy here. One this is for sure (at least here in CA) Taxes are only going one way and that is down. As of the first of July the sale dropped 2%.

Gunnar Berg said...

The previous two terms the legislature, led by Mr.Pawlenty, deferred taxes and payments to the futures to achieve a balanced budget (as constitutionally required). The recession made it worse, but eventually we all have to pay the piper. The bill is due.