Sunday, July 3, 2011

Woodrup and John Hurt

Mississippi John Hurt would have been 118 years old today. So what does this have to do with a Woodrup bicycle? Answer, Dave Sears lives in Thame, England. The '81 Woodrup belongs to him and the singer is his son, Wilber.  A really nice rendition. Both the song          and the bike. Thank you, Wilber and Dave.

Dave says,
"About the Woodrup - it's my latest and I bought the frame in good sound condition from Hilary Stone earlier this year. Hilary is a good source of all things connected with classic bicycles. The frame has excellent chrome, the paint was little chipped- nothing that justified a respray, but that was easily colo(u)r matched and mended. The only real task was cutting back and polishing the very "orange peel" effect on the lacquer coat. All of the parts migrated from other bikes. The frame was built by Kevin Sayles at Woodrup. I believe that quite a few Woodrups by Kevin were exported to the US."

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Anonymous said...

I love everything about that bike. It's not only lovely, but true in a way that the average boutique/custom bike customer could hardly fathom.

Haven't got to the song yet.