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Thursday, July 28, 2011


I don't much care for mountain biking, but I know a whole bunch of you guys live for it. Got this from the Mimbres Man who got it from someone else, who got it from anther guy, who got it from  his grandfather.


Anonymous said...

not sure what year that is. It's the major players of the scene, but the scene is well established by then, an institution--even though everyone still has their skinny hippie bodies. Fisher is an interesting, charismatic cat.


Gunnar Berg said...


Mimbres Man said...

That is a cool vid.
I learned about mountain bikes in about 1979 or 1980 and saw my first one(s) in Taos in 1981. Everything changed for me then.
I raced mtn bikes when I was younger/faster, but mostly I like just riding and exploring. There's a whole new crop of guys in the Gila now, but I was one of the pioneer guys there 25 years ago. I go poking around looking for routes and describing them and naming some of them. I've always enjoyed getting away from pavement (I was a CJ-5 owner first) so I guess that's the appeal for me.
In that vid, Fisher already is describing his business plan. Cool!

Silk Hope said...

I,m glad I still have my ol' fish. Great bike!

Repack Rider said...

Filmed in January 1979.

Gunnar Berg said...

Re: January 1979. Repack is Charlie Kelley. THEE Charlie Kelly. So we got it straight from the horse's mouth. Thanks.