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Monday, December 10, 2012

Dr. Alex Moulton

Alex Moulton died yesterday at the age of 92. He was an industrial designer involved in the suspensions of automobiles (Mini Cooper), airplanes and bicycles. These photos are of a folding bicycle at Rydjor Bike in Austin, Minnesota, my local bike shop.

And the nice part, actually signed and dated by Dr, Moulton himself. I know Dan told me the circumstances of this, but I can't remember. Maybe Chad knows.


Justine Valinotti said...

RIP. I've often said that if I ever started collecting bicycles, one of the first I'd want is an original Moulton (not one of the ones Raleigh later made). Whatever you think of his ideas, you have to admit that he changed the way we see and ride bicycles. As an example, the modern mountain bike simply would not be possible had there not been a Moulton.

Silk Hope said...

AM was an engineering Tour de Force. My parents had a cooper in the UK and I swear every corner I turned that car was glued to the ground. Someday I will have to buy one of his erector sets. Gods Speed Sir Alex.

Mimbres Man said...

RIP Dr. Moulton