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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Lanesboro Community Party

I understand this may have originated as a fund raiser for something. Over the years it has evolved into a community gathering, just ... just because. There was a program, drawings for free "stuff", a formal dinner - bring your own beverage, then a band played while people sat and talked, or danced the night away.  

 Our table seating included Lorna and me, a bunch of Kiehnes, and John Davis. A good group.


George A said...

Looks like good times even if you can't quite remember what it was all about--I've had nites like that...

Gunnar Berg said...

Might have been Christmas,but if it was it wasn't obvious. The village is about an hour from any town of size, so they tend to entertain themselves - have parties for very little reason. What ever, I'm on board.