Friday, December 21, 2012

Regional, Seasonal Music

We Minnesotans tend to be a dour, serious group. This is often reflected in the music. Perticularily our winter music. "Where the winds hit heavy on the borderline." Listen to The Pines, to Low. Low? How upbeat could a group be that is called Low? So we slog our way through the snow, collars up warding off the wind, our noses running - as we hum songs about snow storms and blizzards. I posted this before, but I'm giving it another run. My daughter works in a school teaching our children, my wife used to.

Right now parts of the Midwest are still digging out from a hellofa storm. So, this is for all the teachers. Our children. Our snowplow drivers. 


It's coming down
Snow lays on the chainfield
There's a blessing on the ground
It's coming down
If your lanes are crammed with children 
There's a blessing on your town
On a lucky Monday, Mrs. Braintree
All your lanes are waxen silver
And the stores are loot for vagabonds
It's coming down
Go home!
Go home and take a snow day, Mrs. Braintree!


Margadant said...

I'm catching up. I was prepared not to like this, but -- Excellent!

Gunnar Berg said...

Glad you enjoyed it.