Tuesday, September 3, 2013


The Z-Man stopped by to give me a tour of his progress. Not complete, but getting close. It's hard to get pictures of the inside without a fisheye. Did what I could.

Da bomb. Cjell thinks it has classic lines. This is an opinion not shared by all. Shortly it's going to get a Cjell respray. It couldn't hurt it any.

With the top up the headroom is surprisingly adequate. He said he's going to have racks for two bikes on the back. I can't visualize that with the door opening, but we'll see what he has up his sleeve.

Interior trim, yardage seconds from the Pendelton Mill store. A gift from an ex-girlfriend.

The post on the rear bumper and it's twin (hidden behind the vacuum hose) accept all the bench tools - vices, etc, and a Park Tool bike vise.

The left wall has a lathe with adjustable clamps for tubing, so it can be used as a vertical mill. There is also the vacuum system and beyond that three deep drawers.

To the front there is a fold down shelf bed which will have a foam pad. The right wall is a full length bench with drawer storage, the bottom drawer full length for frame tubesets. There are two threaded rods which drop down through all the drawers to keep them closed during travel.

I think the whole rig is well thought out, but over time will evolve as all shops do - eliminating or modifying what doesn't function, and adding the "How the hell could I have forgotten that".


Silk Hope said...

Don't bother knockin while the coach is ...... Wrenching?

Nice rig. Is that thing DOT approved?

George A said...

Sweet little work shop on wheels. Is she a diesel?

Gunnar Berg said...

No, she is backroads, 55 mph gas. He says it's okay except going down mountain roads. The brakes heat up and go away.

reverend dick said...

Man, that is cool.