In the night...the scream of the rabbit is terrible. But the scream of the owl which is not of pain and hopelessness and fear of being plucked out the world, but of the sheer rollicking glory of the death-bringer, is more terrible still.

Monday, September 30, 2013

Weather Report

Minnesota has the most extreme recent climatic changes of any state in the nation. I find what we are doing to ourselves depressing. I cling to little bits of positive news.  So ...

The upside of global warming. Very late September. No frost yet this year. We returned to Albert Lea after a quick weekend trip to our cottage at Lanesboro, Minnesota. Right now, at 7:51 PM, it is 72F !

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George A said...

Enjoy the upside. I've heard that the hay crop in Greenland is the best since the 1300s.