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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

1975 Dave Moulton Revisited

Right off, let us not confuse David Moulton with Alex Moulton. Dave built world class racing bicycles for Olympic and Tour de France riders; Dr. Alex designed quirky little city bikes for accountants and cement salesmen.

A year ago I posted pictures of Jack (Silk Hope) Gabus' 1975 Moulton. There was a lot of discussion about whether Jack should have the frame refinished or not. Rough paint, but one of the earliest original Moultons around. Eventually, Dave Moulton decided the issue himself. 
I really think you leave the paint as is. Although it is very rough, it is the original paint done by me, and as it is a very early frame there will be few like it with original paint making it somewhat rare.
Dave Moulton
So let's get on with it. First, bikes are generally worth more being sold as a pile of parts, but why did someone part out a bicycle of this class? Yeah, I know baby needs a new pair of shoes, but jeez.

Okay, after a year and a half of agony - meticulously cleaning and polishing the frame, assembling the perfect components - correct year patent numbers, not quite NOS, but really close, Jack has it together and road ready. God, it's gorgeous. I am so glad it wasn't refinished. It's just a great restoration. Enjoy.




Anonymous said...

Point of order: Alex Moulton never received a knighthood. His title was Dr.

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