Monday, September 9, 2013

Visual Produce

The Judge stopped by this afternoon and asked if I wanted to meet him on his deck for a beer. Today was a hot day, high of 97F and humid. (screwed up weather patterns!) Did I want a beer? That would be affirmative. 

When I arrived at his back deck The Judge was just coming out, carrying a 6-pack of various seriously hopped beers and a neatly wrapped package. He handed it to me without ceremony. A gift? For me? It contained a neat broadsheet with a linocut and nice crisp hand-set type printing.

A quote from the flyer that was stuck in the back of the package:
"We still consider our broadsheets to be print ephemera, suitable for framing or for pinning to the door of the refrigerator with magnets or the wall of your growlery with a thumbtack, to be gradually covered up by further layers of Kenspeckle visual produce."
It is very cool. I'm framing it. Then tacking it to the Growlery wall.

The Kenspeckle Letter Press - Slow, yet oddly pricey!


The Kenspeckle Letterpress said...

It's great to see a Growlery broadsheet in its natural habitat. Thank you!

Margadant said...

Screw the odds. It's fate!

Silk Hope said...

That need to be printed on the back of a fine grey T Shirt. Suitable for wearing.

Brooks said...

You know, I'm totally jealous of this whole growlery thing -- man, do I wish I had that.

Gunnar Berg said...

I am a very fortunate man. I am writing this from our deck in Lanesboro - had a killer anniversary meal last night, going to hike down the hill to the village in an hour for lunch.

Food, drink, the Growlery, and a good woman.