Monday, March 24, 2014

Understanding Lady Bird

For you folks who are too young to remember, Lady Bird Johnson was First Lady of the United States in the mid-sixties. Most wives of presidents have occupied their time with trying to cure world hunger or raising education awareness. Lady Bird's cause was planting wildflowers along our Interstate Highways. ??? I always just wrote that off to her being a slightly flaky southern belle.

We took a long cut today, skirting around the traffic of San Antonio by taking the cutoff at Pleasanton on a rural highway which runs to Floresville and eventually on to San Marcos. I am in Texas in a wet Spring after years of drought. In places the fields and ditches are exploding with color. Some fields are yellow, some pink, a lot blue. Most of them are a mixture of colors. Guy in the gas station, "We call 'em all 'Bluebonnets' ". 

It was a misty drizzle, dim light, but great for picking up the color in photographs. Johann Rissik, who lives in South Africa, asked for pictures of the countryside of our return trip. Here's the first edition.

An "Oh, my God!" moment.

Now I understand what drove Lady Bird.

My regular camera was packed away, so I just had my shirt pocket camera (Lumix DMC-ZS25). Lorna had her "real camera" at hand. If you want more and better, here's a link to her pictures.

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Mimbres Man said...

The bluebonnets bloom early in Big Bend. Saw some in February. Nice!

reverend dick said...

BAM! The stars at night...