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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Winding Down

Our friends have all left for the four corners, the birds are migrating north. We've pretty much seen all the birds to be seen. Last evening we went out for a pleasant dinner as guests of our innkeeper and his family. Today we took our recycling to Edinburg and checked out the butterflies at the Edinburg Wetlands. Few birds, some butterflies, met a couple of friends in the gardens for a last time. On the way home we picked up some fruit at a farmer's market, some wine at the grocery store. Tonight, a low key meal with one of our Alamo neighbors. Tomorrow morning we will have one last walkabout at Estero Llano, maybe a quick stop at Santa Ana, then packing for an early departure Monday morning. We plan on a couple of days in the Aransas area, then two or three days to get back to Minnesota. I'm ready. 



Johann Rissik said...

Enjoy the trip home. Maybe some pics of the journey for those of us who have no idea what it all looks like?

Redwing said...

Impressive butterfly pics. Have a safe trip back up to Minnesota!