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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Yard Guards

We like to think we have the best unit here at the Alamo Wesmor. Our innkeeper, Keith and his wife, Audrey live below us, and the view from our rear veranda of their nicely landscaped walled backyard. The goose and dog were an ever present team out there. The goose's job was to honk noisily at any noise or potential intruder. The dog's job was to lay in the sun and occasionally reinforce the goose's diligence with a well placed bark or two.

I don't know the goose's name, nor the dog's, but after three seasons they became fixtures in our lives. This year the old dog developed cancer and yesterday the family buried him in the backyard between two large bushes. Today the goose was apparently dealing with his sorrow by happily splashing in the water of a child's wading pool.

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