Friday, May 12, 2017

Bathing Beauties

STOP the bird guide presses! These are either Yellow-rumped Warblers, or... ah, ahhh, they used to be called Myrtle Warblers, - then they were Yellow-rumped Warblers, and now it seems they may be called Myrtles again. When asked, the birds stated they do not care a tweet what we call them as long as the photos capture their "good side". 

Still confused by the powers that be, Gunnar 


Redwing said...

Very good!

Nargadant said...

Are they enjoying your habitat? I can't bring myself to call it a water feature.

Gunnar Berg said...

Dear Mr. Nargadant
Birds love moving water. None of this has been planned long term. Tongue in cheek I originally referred to the cow tank I bought at Fleet Farm (on sale), as my "water feature". The cow tank is still there at the bottom, as a holding tank and home for the pump, though it is no longer easily visible under the rocks and plants.