Thursday, May 4, 2017

More Sparrows

Waiting for Warblers this afternoon; shooting what is front of the camera. I think I have my settings tuned in pretty well, but I can't shoot what isn't there. I did see a nice Yellow-rumped Warbler, but he was not cooperating, just here and gone. So ... White-throated Sparrows and one lovely little Chipping Sparrow, less fickle and it will be staying here. She (or he) is back home in Oakwood to built a neat little nest in the Arborvitaes, lay a clutch or two of pearl sized eggs and raise a whole bunch of nestlings. So small and ubiquitous that I will tend to ignore their comings and goings. 

Patiently yours, G. Berg


jusvelos said...

lovely crisp images..what camera do you use?


Redwing said...

Those settings seem to be spot on. Great images, Gunnar.

Gunnar Berg said...

Nikon D5500 with a 200-500mm zoom lens. In the birding/camera crowd we tend to run with in the LRGV in winter, both would be considered "entry level" - a $2000 kit, rather than $10,000 like some shoot. Pretty damned good enough I say.

Gunnar Berg said...

Thanks Paul. Taken a while. Not as steady as I would like, but six cups of coffee will do that to a fella.