Saturday, May 20, 2017

Colter Wall

On the recommendation of my daughter, who really dislikes commercial country music (me too), probably even alt-country - me, not so much. Colter Wall is a 21 year old Canadian lad with some serious talent.

Sunshine beating on the good times
Moonlight raising from the grave
String band playing worn out honkey-tonks
Pretty young thing going dancing in the rain

High heel lady spitting at the nickajack
Business man with a needle and a spoon
Coyote chewing on a cigarette
Pack o' young boys going howlin' at the moon

Hey darlin'!
Sleeping on the blacktop
Hey darlin'!
Running through the trees honey
Hey darlin'!
Leaving for the next town
Less'n my sense catches up with me

Three dead in a crash on the number 4
Two witnesses below and up high
Not sure whose will be done
You can call me a sinner for wondering why

Corn liquor tastes sweeter in this town
Could it be it's the same as the last?
I swear I've seen ya face elsewhere before
Just as familiar as a bottle and a glass


Redwing said...

Nice. Tasteful riff has a nice syncopation to it. Gravelly voice... yeah, check. Reminds me a bit of Greg Brown vocals when his voice fell down the stairs and into the cellar.

Gunnar Berg said...

You are still young; with enough cigarettes and harsh whiskey we can still get enough gravel in your voice to hit the honkytonk road with a colorful one-eyed driver and sound man.