Thursday, May 25, 2017

Canada Warbler

A great day. I took so many photos yesterday I am going to break them down by species. This is for Mr. Redwing and Ms. Carolee, who are Canadians, but rarely see their namesake bird.


Redwing said...

Thanks for posting so many great photos of "our bird"

Kurt said...

Your waterfall and Camera/Lens have worked out spectacularly well! At least during the spring migration, just outside of your growlerly you are in a prime bird watching location and within twenty feet of a refrigerator filled with good cold beer.

Your changes to the rocks and plants in your waterfall in the last year have been going in the right direction. The scale of the rocks and plants now works. The bonsai class that I attended forty years ago still has an affect on me. I see your waterfall as a miniature of nature, small, but in proportion. That's it: you have a bonsai waterfall.

... but with birds and beer.