Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Evolution of a Musician ...

or, where are they now?
To set this up you need to listen to these in order. I am assuming a lot of people have never heard of Brian Setzer. If you have, you can take a pass on the first two. I left out Brian Setzer and the Nashvillians.

...and it goes on for another 7 minutes.

Brian was another one of those people who drifted into Minneapolis, it felt right, and he stayed. Got married, now tours and hangs out listening to live music. He's even wandered as far as Albert Lea, because we have an annual Hot Rod show and it was the childhood home of Eddy Cochran. He spent the afternoon shooting the shit and drinking beer at Eddy's Bar, just because he liked the name. Brian has a history of infusing energy into dead music. We're all hoping he'll take a run at the polka.

Lee's Liquor Lounge.  This is as local as a Minneapolis neighborhood bar gets. I happened to notice, "Every Monday: Classic Country w/Becky Thompson & Old School  8:30pm  FREE to get in!"  Becky's from Albert Lea, a couple of years behind Lorna and related to Penny who lives across the street from us. She used to sing yuppie country on the Prairie Home Companion. Now it's classic country at Lee's. With agee tend to settle into our true comfort zone.

 I found the following when I was doing a YouTube search for Lucinda's Minneapolis.
 From the YouTube comments:
"He was just in the crowd hanging out and watching the show... then he brought Wayne a Coke when he hollered for the bar to bring him one and Wayne pulled him up on stage"

Just punch Wayne Hancock into YouTube. Really honest music, the kind played in juke joints all over America. And guys, ya gotta love a place called Lee's Liquor Lounge. Pretty damned descriptive.


reverend dick said...


Gunnar Berg said...

Isn't it amazing how the simple act of getting up on a stage and singing a couple of songs has made the guy's day. Hell, it will be one of the high points in his life. And it was free. All it took was 10 minutes of what appears to be fun. I've thought about it. I wish there were someone that could make me that happy.

Steve Grimmer said...

Good story. I remember the Stray Cats from '80. They hit it big when I lived in England for a year and it was a minor rage for the girls to dress up as bobby soxers and come to school wearing poodle skirts and tight pink sweaters under their school blazers. It was so far from my upbringing in Southern Illinois that I didn't know what to think other than the ruffling sound of all those petticoats under there was pretty exciting.

Gunnar Berg said...

I thought they were cool because they played the music of Eddy Cochran, who was a local guy.

Tom G. said...

Ah yes, Lee's Liquor Lounge. It's been a long time since I paid it a visit. There are so many wonderful venue for catching live music here in the Cities. We are so spoiled. Unfortunately, having kids put a real crimp into going out to hear live music.