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Pilgrims at the journey gate,
Whooo will pass this night?

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Lorna's Birthday Field Trip IPA

Picked up by friends for trip to Worth. Arrived at Worth and settled in, had some beer and talked, ordered spicy sausage and jalapeño pizza, drank another brew, hailed and talked to unexpected friends, ate hot pizza and wiped the spicy sweat from our brow, talked and drank a different beer. Everybody said, "Oh you can't be that old!" Drank more beer. Renewed my pledge to drink more Stouts and Porters this year. People remarked, "We should do this more often". Came home. Good beer, hot pizza and good company. Generally a pretty satisfying birthday party. A special thanks to JoAnne for being the designated driver.

Selection.   Birthday girl's hands and Jalapeños slices she picked out of the pizza 'cause it got too hot.  ;-(
Note: As we were in Iowa, considered to be enemy territory on football Saturday, we were in the driver's seat, as earlier in the day the inept Minnesota Gophers sucked it up for the game that really matters and beat the University of  Iowa Shit-kickers and took home the trophy. You have no idea idea how obnoxious those asshole Hawkeye fans can be. I'm not certain how long the two football teams have been rivals, but since 1934 it has been for a pig, Floyd of Rosedale. Originally it was for a live pig, but when Floyd died they wisely decided not to play for a dead pig and opted to play for a bronze Floyd. Go Gophers! A gopher?...not a lion or tiger, but a gopher? Whatever.


Jonny Hamachi said...

Well played my friend.

Happy Birthday Lorna!

Margadant said...

Shameful lack of pictures of the Birthday Girl and you quaffing fine ales.

Gunnar Berg said...

The birthday girl would have it that way.

Silk Hope said...

When ever RAGBRAI stops in Northwood it is a favorite stop. Sat in that very corner.

Happy B day to Lorna.

Gunnar Berg said...

Yeah, it ain't fancy nor affected, but the beer is really good and the pizza place next door will bring it around. Damned good pizza - brought me to a full blown sweat - had to keep pushing my glasses back up on my nose and reaching for beer to cool down my mouth.

Gunnar Berg said...

Minnesota is Ale country and Peter probably considers himself an Ale maker, but his Oatmeal Stout is just a killer. You eat a glass of Stout then wash it down with an IPA. Then another Stout and the cycle continues.

Silk Hope said...

Oh this should be fun next year when my Really obnoxious Cornhuskers get in the mix. A real civil war will be brewin. We don't have to play those weak ass Cyclones anymore.

Gunnar Berg said...

Nebraska doesn't have any other teams - no pros or other colleges. All they have is corn and 'huskers. They tend to get rather focused. I think it kind of... cute. A little like junior high.

Silk Hope said...

That is their pro team.