Saturday, November 13, 2010

It's Snowin' Out Guys ...

... and gals. It's gettin' ugly. It's been raining and sleeting, snowing and blowing. Mostly snowin' and blowin' now. Brace yourselves, evil days are in the offing. The White Witch has returned again, to scream at our windows, scrape at our doors and pile snow to the goddamned eaves. The weak-hearted among us will not see the virgin buds, smell the new grass of Spring again. That icy witch will test our mettle. She will once again make us     Minnesotans!

I was going post Minneapolis for someone named Monique that I don't even know. I could only find a 28 second snippet, but it turned out to be a real 28 seconds of joy. Here is a real upbeat winter song. A Jingle Bells for our times.

I've been waiting for you to come back
Since you left Minneapolis
Snow covers the streetlamps and the windowsills
The buildings and the brittle crooked trees
Dead leaves of December
Thin skinned and splintered
Never gotten used to this bitter winter

I've been wasted, angry and sad
Since you left Minneapolis
I wish my thoughts were pure like the driven snow
Like the heavens and the spring's virgin buds
But they strangle me with their sin
Fill me up with poison
Black clouds have covered up the sun again

I can always trace it back
To that night in Minneapolis
Here on the seventh floor in a room I can't call mine
Deadbolt on the door, do not disturb sign
Shaking and trembling
On the clean white linen
Slivers of starlight across the ceiling

A dozen yellow roses
All that's left in Minneapolis
I wish I'd never seen your face or heard your voice
You're a bad pain in my gut
I wanna spit you out
Open up this wound again
Let my blood flow red and thin
Into the glistening
Into the whiteness
Into the melting snow of Minneapolis

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Oldfool said...

I've spent a lot of time visiting Minnesota (job related) and have met a lot of fun people. I just watch the weather there now. Makes me feel better about being here.