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Monday, November 15, 2010


I've been thinking about Nordeast because of Lee's Liquor Lounge. While technically not in the Nordeast neighborhood of Minneapolis, it's a few blocks west over the river, but my guess is that it's customer base is Nordeast. Nordeast is on the East Bank of the Mississippi and has a different feel than the rest of Minneapolis. The working class folks of Nordeast have their own accent (which they would deny, then offer ta kick yer intellectual ass). I base this observation on the guys hollering in the Setzer I Fought the Sheriff video. For instance someone yells, "Com'n Wayne, do it wid em!"  That is not someone from the West Bank or any other part of Minnesota.  Bicycle content: Curt Goodrich builds some pretty fine bicycles in Nordeast.

From the Schell's Brewery website, which is mostly B.S. because it's "Nordeast" because of the NE street designation, not where the people came from. Not my style, but they're selling a lot of the beer:

"Named after the hardworking neighborhood where the original Grain Belt Brewery established its roots back in 1893. ‘Nordeast’ is an endearing term which comes from the Northern and Eastern European immigrants and their language which helped shape Northeast Minneapolis. This amber American Lager is our way of honoring the storied past of Grain Belt and the people who helped to make it legendary! Cheers!"

   Peter Ostroushko, a good Ukrainian Nordeast boy playing one of his own compositions:
A little piece of Nordeast via the Ukraine.


Tom G. said...

Now you're talking! This is my neighborhood. I live a few miles from the northern edge of Nordeast, but even our post war suburbs of Fridley & Columbia Heights maintain the character of Nordeast, as it was Nordeasters who were the first to build here.

When I first arrived in the Twin Cities back in 1993, I stumbled onto Nordeast and immediately felt like I was back in Buffalo. There is such good food and music, and gorgeous old churches (that sadly will be closing).

Mmm... now you've got me wanting a Kramarczuk Polish link for lunch, smothered in kraut and mustard.

Margadant said...

You've stumbled upon my roots. I spent the first couple years of my being upstairs in my grandparent's big old white house on Polks Street, two blocks east off Central and across from the Soo Line Roundhouse. Gramps was a machinist in the locomotive shops. My dad was raised in Nordeast -- which may explain a few things.

Until I hit college Nordeast and the Foshay Tower were the landmarks in the Cities that I was familiar with. It was only much later that I came to appreciate Lynndale Ave., Schindler's, some of Hennepin Ave., and the Midway Bar. But I always tried to respect my roots. I even dated a Polish girl from Nordeast during my brief tour at the U of M.