Sunday, November 21, 2010

Friends and Writers

Snipped from an email I received from Cheri on Friday. For Chrissake, she's doing her interviews in Danish! 
"I am rushing around clearing loose ends from my mind tonight as I get ready to leave for Denmark tomorrow.  I'm going there on a book tour, to promote the Danish translation of my 2005 book, Beyond Good Intentions.  I've got a speech, a couple of discussion groups, a radio interview (call-in!), a magazine interview, and a 10-minute TV appearance, thankfully prerecorded so they can edit out my groping for words.  I'm doing it in Danish, which will either be a grand adventure or a great humiliation.  Vi skal se."
This is a good time to hype some books by friends. Follow the links. 

Cheri Register  Her book, Packinghouse Daughter helps define our high school experience.   
Dex Westrum   Another long time friend from school friend. His novel Elegy for a Golf Pro is about his father, Lyle. He has a number of short stories scattered in various literary journals and collections over the years. 
Michael White  "mw". Really fine poetry. He's even willing to scribble greetings in the front for me and take the time to shed my feeble attempts. Thanks Michael.
Matthew Biberman  I have a copy of his book Big Sid's Vincati with personal notes by both Matt and Big Sid. Nice. The book has even gone to paperback. Rich! Rich, I say. He's getting rich! 

"I have now a library of nearly nine hundred volumes, over seven hundred of which I wrote myself." - Hank Thoreau
Support the arts. Support good people. Buy their books. Nobody's getting rich at this. If any other commenters have books or short stories, or whatever, speak up. We want to read your work.


Anonymous said...

thanks for the props, Gunnar!

Margadant said...

Mulling it over, I have to conclude that Cheri's leaving us in the dust.

Gunnar Berg said...

Yeah, well even when we were kids she worked at it harder than we did. She's earned whatever she has.

Hamlet2007 said...

Hi Gunnar,

Thanks for including Big Sid's Vincati on your list. We are still muddling through here in KY. Working on one last Vincent with Sid. Hope all is well with you!


Matthew Biberman

Gunnar Berg said...

I hope he's able to see it finished.