Saturday, November 27, 2010

This Morning

 ... there is a light phase Redtail Hawk sitting in an open oak overlooking the lake. In spite of the sunshine, with the recent cold snap the lake is skinned all the way across with a thin mirror of ice, a scattering of snow patches near our downwind shore. There isn't enough snow yet to cover the grass and it will all be gone tomorrow with temperatures forecast in the low 40s. Make no mistake, the winter witch has come to stay. God bless her icy heart.


Oldfool said...

34 degrees F here 25 miles from the gulf in SE Louisiana this morning.
It's up to 56 F now but with the wind it's all I can do to just go out to the wood pile.

Gunnar Berg said...

You be careful Fool. I have a computer and a Garmin. I can be at your door carrying a suitcase in a day, maybe two.