Sunday, March 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Linda

Lorna's sister, Linda just turned 60 and Saturday night we had a party for 15+/- at Victoria's Ristorante & Wine Bar, a nice restaurant in Rochester. It was a bittersweet gathering - a growing family, with a toddler and one or two young pregnants, but also included three sisters who are flying to L.A. tomorrow to bury the other sister. 

Nephew Chris and I were picking wines for the table and I never quite got around to the food menu. So I did the only reasonable, nodding toward Lorna, I said, "I'll have she's having". There was  a toast to Joy; she was with us in spirit, but it was never brought up again. Eating the same thing as Lorna worked out, as neither of us could finish our meal and we were able to pool our leftovers.

Lorna has picked up this quirky trait; she likes to sign the doggy boxes with little messages. She writes the notes and signs them the way she imagines the waiters would do. "Have a great day! - Bobbee."(smiley face) "See you soon! - Jacki" (with a heart dotting the ). We had a good waiter last night. He was wise, affirming all our wine choices, even a potentially insipid Merlot for the less serious wine drinkers at the far end of the table. Apparently, Lorna decided he was a Kevin. She just seems to know these things. And Kevin was right! With the addition of some nice thick asparagus shoots, hard rolls and a cheap Red Vin, it was a great second meal.   

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