Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Judijudijudi and the Ramones

 'Photo: Judi Jensen, Copyright 2004'

Judijudijudi is an old friend and also happens to be Lorna's cousin. (We come from a very, very small town.) I've know jjj so long I remember when she was singular and spelled with a Y.

Earlier I posted her memories of seeing a Chet Baker concert in Berlin. 

Today we get a photo and short story on a Ramones concert in Berlin. 

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Silk Hope said...

Now were talkin my era. The Ramones were one of my favs. In my slimmer days I use to hang out at the Whiskey and the Roxy and slam dance the night away in the mid 80's. Groups like the Motels, Black Flag, B52's and not to mention the Ramones! God what a great time.

Money was flowing, Reagan was in office and all was right with the world.