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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Lee's Liquor Lounge

Last November I posted a video of  Brian Setzer drinking beer and playing with Wayne the Train at Lee's Liquor Lounge.  There's a lot of postings of the Liquor Lounge. This is a real homemade video - for Jackson, who claims to love Midwest bars. This is as real as it gets.


George A said...

Back when I was much younger, fresh out of the service, and still going to bars regularly I used to go to the Deer Park Hotel in Newark, Delware:

In those days (mid to late '70s) George Thoroghgood was very much a little known, local Delaware guy and he'd play venues like the Deer Park and the old State Theater on Main Street. Back then the Deer Park was kinda run down and the clientele was a mixture of college students, townies and bikers. Tickets to hear George play, for example on Halloween night, were free but were doled out by Joanie--the hardened old bar tender at the back bar (the townie bar). If Joanie liked you you'd get a ticket. We always tipped Joanie well--she liked to play the slots in Atlantic City and later got busted for skimming the till, but that's another story for another time...

Now days the poor old Deer Park has gone way up market. The place is disturbingly clean and gentrified and hardly even smells. Additionally, the graffiti in the men's room just doesn't get it done like back in the heady 70s. I doubt if George Thorogood would bother to darken the door.

Delaware is a small state and back then it was said if you wanted to bump into someone from any part of the state all you had to do was hang at the Deer Park and sooner or later they'd blow in.

Oldfool said...

A good part of my life was whiled away in bars like that all over the southwest, west, south and midwest (whatever that is). I could dance in those days and I did.

Margadant said...

It's a painful thing to see a perfectly good trades bar turned into an up-scale fern bar.

Gunnar Berg said...

They even have the spinning mirrored ball.