Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Lifestyle vs Way of Life

This isn't about a bicycling philosophy, it's about life in general.

From Fast Eddy's Flandria Cafe:

"The problem today is how to be persuasive when we ask our kids to struggle. This is the key to everything. Cycling isn't a sport like others, it's not a game: it's sacrifice, sweat and blood. With the bike you can find treasure, but to stimulate a child to look for it is more and more difficult. How do you get them to understand the value of labor?"

"Because today we live by playing, even as adults. Playing with mobile phones, sending millions of useless messages, we play games on the computer, in front of the television and on the internet. Football is a game that pulls well in a society like this. Most other sports are games. Cycling is something profoundly different: It is a way of life."

Alfredo Martini, Interviewed in Cycling Pro, May 2010

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Johann Rissik said...

Driving the 400km back home yesterday we were talking about this exact topic. How sick the "Cycling Lifestyle" has become with all it's gross consumerism, often riding on the back of the "Way of Life".
Nice post.