Thursday, March 17, 2011

Welcome Home

When your soul leaves your body for to make that journey home
When your time here is over and you sang your last sweet song
You prepare to meet your maker
Will your heart be pure and good?
Did you try to help your neighbor, doing everything you could?
Did you reach out to your brother in his time of need?
Did you live a life of kindness sowing every little seed?

Will the heavens leave a light on with a welcome mat outside?
Will your chariot be waiting; will the saints give you a ride?
Will the pearly gates be open so you can walk inside?
Friends and family a waiting with their arms open wide
Will the angels sing a chorus; will they have your long white robe?
Will the lord come out to greet you singing child welcome home, welcome home.

1 comment:

Margadant said...

A fine ledger and an excellent accounting. Welcome Home, indeed.