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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Edinburg and Wine

We went to Edinburg yesterday morning. There is a covered deck centered in a small pond. It's a great place to linger and watch the pair of resident Green Kingfishers and the other small birds that come to drink and bathe. In the past I have thought it would be a great place for benchs. This time I fixed that problem with a stop to pick up chairs at the local Walmart. As well as the kingfishers and more more common birds, I saw a Blue-headed Vireo, a life first for me.

After sitting for a while, we walked the labyrinth of paths, looking for more birds and enjoying the butterflies. Lorna was able to see the Blue-headed Vireo and she identified a number of butterflies.

Later back at the Alamo Inn Wesco Apartments we decided to beat the heat by lingering with our new chairs and a little wine in the shadows of the south side overhang of the courtyard. It must have seemed like a good idea. People drifted down and eventually there were nine people gathered. (Thanks to Keith Hackland for fetching another box of wine glasses, and to all the people who brought more wine). About the time the party was breaking up, my daughter, Addy and her partner, Abby arrived from the Great Northland. We went out to eat with them and our Brit friends, Ian and Julie. Another fine day.


Redwing said...

Wish we were still down there!

Johann Rissik said...

Kingfisher's beak and feet full of mud. Wassup? Nesting?

Gunnar Berg said...

The pool has a clay mud bottom. I assume they are catching something in shallow water.

Johann Rissik said...

Mudfish Blues ?

George A said...

Hi Gunnar: Glad the weather and birds/butterflies are cooperating. Tomorrow I'll get my taste of warm weather as I head down I-95 to Gulfport, FL for the Mid-Winter regatta. Supposed to be 80 degrees and sunny!