Monday, February 11, 2013

Day Whatever (today):: Butterflies

Lorna has gone for butterflies, so I have starting taking some pictures. Except for the gulf fritillary, all of these were taken on the same plant. There were more varieties, but they were small, flitty and generally uncooperative. I have no clue what any of them were. 


Redwing said...

Good plan. Set up the camera on one flower and see what lands, instead of chasing them all over the place.

Carolee said...

Gulf Fritillary
Bordered Patch
Southern Dogface
Phaon Crescent
Checkered White
More Crescents....

Gunnar Berg said...

@Carolee, Thanks. Lorna has bought a book. She probably could ID them. I'm just not going down that road. I'll just enjoy them.

Do you happen to know what the composite they are on? It had a flat prickly leaf.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful diversion on this snowy, cold, windy, blustery, winter day here in Minnesota to see these pics while "slaving" away at a stressful job. I'm REALLY impressed with Carolee's naming of butterflies! Gratitude to you for sharing, Gunnar.

Gunnar Berg said...

@Debb, Carolee can not only name all the butterflies by name, she can indentify all the sparrows by their call notes.