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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Day 22: Santa Ana

Lorna "Intrepid" Berg went out all morning with a birding tour. I tried to sleep in, but failed. In the afternoon we went on a short outing to Santa Ana to try to see the Fulvous Whistling Ducks which had been reported there. We have been looking for them off and on for a couple of weeks. As we approached the area where they had been sighted, a local bird guide, Sally Foghorn shouted to us that she hadn't seen the birds. It's a miracle she sees any birds. Maybe there are deaf birds? Eventually the ducks came out of hiding and we were able to see them, but they were a long way across the pond. A new bird for us.

On the way out of the sanctuary I did encounter an Altamira Oriole. A good bird.

In the evening we drove over to Weslaco looking for Red-crowned Parrots. We didn't find the parrots, but we had a nice meal at the Blue Onion with Paul and Carolee.

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