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Monday, January 13, 2014

Bad Birding?

Everybody agrees that because of weather connections, birding has been slow this year in The Valley. And this is already day two. Today I got pictures of a Flycatcher I cannot I.D., a White-tailed Kite, and a Grooved-billed Ani. If I really cared to I could sort out the Flycatcher DNA, but I'm not very motivated to do it.

The Kite is a marvelous flyer. I took a couple of pictures of it perched on a branch. Who the hell wants to watch one of the gods of the air sitting on a stick? When it finally did fly I missed it to beat hell. The picture I am posting is technically so wrong on so many levels, but it hopefully captures some of the Kite's grace as it slices through the air.

The Ani is a strange bird, looking like grackle wearing a gag parrot bill. The picture is awful. It was in brush at distance. Why did I post it? 

Because if I was a bird counter I would count it. It is the first time I have ever seen one.

This afternoon we sat on the porch drinking craft beer, listening to Paul Prappas sing and play guitar.Yep, bad birding.

Be well. Stay warm.


George A said...

I think you should post pix of beers you've "sighted" as well as birds...

Redwing said...

Bad Birding; Good Music and Good Beer. either way, you win. By the way, that flycatcher is an Eastern Phoebe.

Gunnar Berg said...

Thanks again for the music. It is an utter joy. Just f**king marvelous. You get the beer with or without the music. Phoebe, schmoebe. Yeah, I know, just wanted to spend Bill's DNA line. They are really lovely -probably going back to 1410 in Spring to breed. Call can be a little irratating after a few days.

Johann Rissik said...

That Kite looks very similar to what we know as a Black-shouldered kite down here. Lovely to watch them hover (unless you're a mouse, I guess)

Gunnar Berg said...

I think they are virtually the same bird.