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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Light Birding

Blog posting? I cheat, this was cut and pasted from an email I sent yesterday. Cooler today. - birding at Edinburg, then dinner with "people" at the Blue Onion and a night walk at Estero with the whole crew. Birds? Well, maybe a few, but we have been almost guaranteed a Bobcat sighting as they are getting bolder. Light Bobcat hunting?
No matter how we spin it, the birding has been dreadful this year, although we did see a Grooved-billed Ani, a lifer for me. On Facebook, Lorna described today as doing "light birding". Today's "light birding" involved an early oil change, then driving a few miles down the road to Weslaco where we talked and wandered about Estero Grande for three hours with Steve and Sue, then touched base with the other park volunteers, the same group as the past couple of years. 
Later we returned home and sat on the veranda with Bill, Lorna and Paul singing with his sweet guitar playing for a couple of hours, occasionally reacting to "hummingbird!" sightings at Bill's feeders. Lorna went to the Sprouts Food Co-op with Ian and Julie while we continued our musical beer birding aided by Paul's partner, Carolee for a little while. Poor woman had to get back to her online computer/cell phone work which Paul says she actually loves. We did use binoculars to look at the hummingbirds, which officially makes it "birding".  
Later Lorna and the Brits returned, then Paul came back and we talked and he played some more, grumbling about how bad the music for the musical Rent is ;-) which is his next gig when he returns to Nelson.  
Overall we saw almost no birds to speak of, but it was a positively glorious day. 


George A said...

Sounds like a good day to break out the bikes. What? You didn't bring any this trip?

Gunnar Berg said...

I did not. Alamo is bicycle hostile and I never got feeling comfortable on a bike here. We are on a second floor and security was an issue. At Christmas the Nishiki I bought for Texas went to a young person who fell in love with it.

Anonymous said...

A "light" day of birding in Texas in the middle of January, "TRUMPS" -30 wind chill in Alex anyday. Speaking of Trumping--Wishing LGB & Gunnar were here to pass time and play Euchre.

Lorna G. Berg said...

John, come and visit us. I will p;ay Euchre with you.