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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Cold Day

The Lower Rio Grande has been whipped by the cold tail of the storm smashing the southeast. We awoke yesterday to ice on the trees. This does not bode well for the tropical butterflies that Lorna loves to photograph. Birding would have been silly, so we hung around the apartment reading and catching up on computer photo editing. By afternoon I was going stir crazy so I picked up Paul Prappas and we headed to the Blue Onion where we found a quiet booth to talk and drink a couple of pints of their house-brewed Stout Porter. Late in the afternoon we picked up more craft beer for the evening at Feldman's on the way home. 

We had plans for an outing to the Ranch House Burgers on the east edge of Weslaco, a old farmhouse which has found new life as a hamburger joint - a restaurant where the john still has bathtub and a "Wash your hands and say your prayer, cause Jesus and germs are everywhere." sign over the sink. Bill Mauck was not feeling well so he and Kathy were no-shows, but it was still a good group, - eight of us in all. The Bacon-Jalapeno Cheeseburger and Texas Toothpicks were great ... and priced very reasonably. A testimonial. I'm trying for a reviewers discount.

Our apartment is the largest so after eating we all came back here to drink wine and listen to Paul play and sing old pop songs, leaning toward things like the Beatles and older - music we all grew up. It got late. A few of the group had enough wine to sing along with the choruses. I did not, but I enjoyed it immensely.

This was a special evening. I hope all of yours were as wonderful. You all be well, listen to the music and enjoy your friends while you can.

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