Monday, January 27, 2014

Warm Morning At Santa Ana

The day. It was about 65 degrees and sunny when we started out. Very little breeze - very atypical. The temperatures climbed into the low 80s by early afternoon when we came back to Alamo. The day may have been cut a little short because it is a fasting day for us and all the birds start looking like lunch. ;-)

Green. The past  years everything was bone-dry parched from a multi-year drought. You could sense the the plants screaming for water as they slowly died away. Green is good.  The Rio Grande Valley has terrible water problems that are only going to get worse, but right now at least things are green.
Black-necked Stilt. 

A Harris's Hawk giving me the eye. I've long ago learned you cannot sneak up on  a hawk. The picture is taken on their terms. You get as close as they are comfortable with and not one step closer. This one is getting edgy.  Take the picture, it's going to fly regardless of any retreat you may try. 

Lorna. My partner for 44 years. 

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George A said...

Great pix! Keep it up.