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Saturday, March 21, 2009

100th Milan-San Remo

(clipped from somewhere and someone who was actually there)

Cavendish beat Haussler by about 10 centimetres. Hushovd came in third at two seconds. Heinrich Haussler really made the gap when he launched his sprint. But Cavendish's comeback in the last 50-100 metres was just sensational.
100th Milan - Sanremo Results
1. Mark Cavendish
2. Heinrich Haussler
3. Thor Hushovd
4. Allan Davis
5. Alessandro Petacchi
6. Daniele Bennati
7. Aitor Galdos
8. Enrico Rossi
9. Luca Paolini
10. Peter Velits

Mario Cipollini himself is now singing the praise of Cavendish and the Brit's "Extraordinary Talent" (two words the Lion King just said over and over again half a dozen times).
You really can't blame Cipo. It's not that common to win a difficult (perhaps not because of its hills, but certainly due to its lenght) race like this at your first ever attempt, but guys like Mark Cavendish ... yes, they can!! Just call it "Generation change" if you want. Cavendish was born in 1986, Haussler is pure class of 1984. And the boys of the 1970s couldn't do much to stop them.
Petacchi didn't even make the podium, Rebellin made a new addition to his "I tried, but couldn't" collection. And Lance Armstrong was never really a factor in today's race - media coverage aside of course. Mark Cavendish gained about 20 metres on Haussler in the last 200m.
Mark Cavendish talks as fast as he rides, so it was quite hard to catch everything he said in his first talk with Italian TV's "serial interviewer" Alessandra Stefano. But we clearly hard him say "this is the biggest day in my life" adding that "I'm happy, I'm very happy" and praising George Hincapie in particular
He even admitted that he had a hard time when he saw Haussler go away like that in the final straight. But he didn't lose hope and won. Mark Cavendish sprints as fast as he speaks English, you know ...

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