Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Refurbished Peter Mooney

Here's a couple of shots of my Peter Mooney. It was originally a fully chrome bike, but over 25 years or so, the chrome was a little scraped up. The color is a charcoal blue green, which is a color match for 1938 Ford green. The main tubes are painted and also the pump and some inpainting on the crank, seatpost and fender ribs. The fork, rear triangle, and all lugs and braze-ons are still chrome.
Chris Kvale did the painting with paint furnished by Curt Goodrich (thanks, Curt). Yours truly masked the fenders ' cause Kvale thought it would be a pain - it was.

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Todd said...

Mighty fine! Been out on the chilly roads for a ride yet? Or is it really too beautiful to take to the streets?