Thursday, March 26, 2009

Margaret "Dolly" Beaucage

It's Springtime up North. This means it's Flooding Time on the banks of the Red River... again this year. What people sometimes fail to grasp is that the terrain is dead flat, and the Red flows north to the Hudson Bay. The water is flowing in a river that is still frozen downstream and the water has no place to go except out across the flat farmland and towns of North Dakota and Minnesota. This cannot be a good thing.. again this year.

"...official briefings lost the jokes and quips that had broken the tension earlier in the week. Instead, Thursday's meeting opened with a prayer.
"We need all the help we can get," Mayor Dennis Walaker said.
The city of 92,000 unveiled a contingency evacuation plan Thursday afternoon, but at least four nursing homes already had begun moving residents by then.
"A few of them said they didn't want to go. I said I'm going where the crowd goes," said 98-year-old Margaret "Dolly" Beaucage, who clasped rosary beads as she waited to leave Elim Care Center.
"I'm a swimmer," she said, smiling, "but not that good a swimmer."

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