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Monday, April 27, 2009

Ad's Moving On

Here's yesterday's note from Addy (she volunteered last summer at the NGO) :
"I interviewed for a position at a private school in Bangkok last Wednesday
called Sunflower School. My ex-student's family owns it, and as soon as I got to
the campus, it just felt right. I met the principal and she is sweet and made me
feel like I was a part of a family right off the bat. The school is beautiful --
definitely designed for children of Bangkok's power elite. I feel that working
at a school like this may go against my values, but I figure I can work there
for a year, save money, and go back to India and teach or work with Himachal
Pradesh Children and Development Organization
, the NGO I fell in love with while
I was in India before. I think my position at the new school will be a
combination of public relations, activities coordinator,and special ed teacher.
It will be good experience no doubt. I guess we'll see how it goes."

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Todd said...

Wonderful to hear that Addy found a place to work that will get her "down the path" to a place she loves. Perhaps, she can instill her values in the children of Bangkok's power elite. And start a little revolution!