Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Passing of Stan Haley

This was posted today on the Classic Rendezvous site. I did not know Stan Haley, nor do I know his friend Tom Sanders, I just liked it:

"Stan Haley was a bike mechanic. He wrenched for nearly all the
local Lansing shops, even though he had a couple of Graduate Degrees. He
just loved bicycles. He spent the last 16 years of his mechanic's career
working for my buddy Bill at Holt Pro Cyclery. Then Stan decided to
retire. He had some good years. He got a job as a rural newspaper
delivery person to supplement his income or as something to do, I really don't
know which. Stan was out working on that weekend before last when he was struck
by a car and killed. Besides his family, Stan left behind vintage bicycles,
a huge collection of vintage jerseys, bike tees (some of which may come to
Cirquewith me) and bike tools. And one last and very unusual
request. His beloved regular ride was a custom built 'bent. Off
topic to us here, but very much on topic for Stan. True to Stan's wish, the
thing was taken to my buddy's shop last Friday and Bill worked far into the night
getting Stan's ashes into its' frame. His wish was to have his ashes
installed in it and to have it hang over his favorite bar, where he had spent
many a happy hour. I think they hung it yesterday. So Stranger, if your
travels should take you to Beggar's Banquet, a very venerable and well known Bar
in East Lansing, Michigan and you should cast your eyes up above the
bar and see a rather exotic recumbent bike in a place of honor, think of old
Stan, who is hanging out there, still.

Tom Sanders
Lansing, MI USA"


Jonny Hamachi said...

Sounds good to me, stuff me in the Croll, and hang me over the bar.

Todd said...

Nice touch to have old Stan's ashes packed into his favorite bike. So then, have you decided to have someone stuff that mighty fine Mooney with your ashes when the time comes? Got a place you'd like to hang it (or bury it or drown it)?