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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

More Fiddling Around

Continuing my campaign to numb the minds of all readers, I am posting before and afters of my latest tweek to the P.M. Originally I had a set of long handled Suntour shifters that mounted in front of the post. I couldn't mount them higher as the swing arc would hit the stem clamp bolt. In the low mounting position they interfered with a proper bell mount so I clamped the bell to the stem. "Why a stupid, geeky bell anyway?", you ask. Because at one time it was required by French law. I know that doesn't make sense, but it is the only explanation I have.

I in-painted the new rear mount shifters with the same green
as the frame, buffed them out a little and replaced the tightening screws with the same Campagnolo shifter tightening thingies that I used on the old set up. Nice. I drilled and tapped a hole in the stem spacer ring for the bell. Clean and more discreet. (There are two kinds of trail cyclists, those with bells and those with mirrors. The passers and the passees. I'm a bell guy.) Dinger! Dinger! On your left!


Todd said...

Such a very, very discreet "dinger, dinger"! Hope you're a lefty, Gunnar.

Gunnar Berg said...

What would be a negatory on the leftiness,Toadster. I do my ringing with my off hand, preferring to keep my better hand on the wheel at all times.