Monday, April 27, 2009

The Keeper and His Lady

The lighthouse keeper just returned a borrowed bicycle. He and his lady are returning to the big lake today for another year in their rolls of lighthouse keeper and shopkeeper. It would be wonderful to live in so beautiful a place.


Todd said...

Beautiful place! My favorite lighthouse is just an hour and a half away at Heceta Head (
I used to lead weekend workshops at the lighthouse keeper's house (they turned it into a bed & breakfast a few years ago ... which put a stop to my weekends there). Now I can wax nostalgic over those "good old days" at Heceta House (and tell tales about the womanly ghost who appeared during our mens' gatherings).

Gunnar Berg said...

They give tours of Split Rock, but they actually light'er up a couple of times a week. A lighthouse without a light is somehow a sad thing.