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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Moonlight in Vermont

The Toad writes free form Haiku as Tweekus - just distilled thoughts and sights in his daily life, and inflicts them on the world. He is a much more courageous man than I. A couple of recent ones brought back to me my favorite song lyrics ever written. While Margaret Whiting did the original and probably the standard version, everyone, well nearly everyone, has recorded it. Don't miss Billy Holiday's version. In world short-sightedness, there seems to be no Lady Day YouTube version of this. Huh? You'll have to settle for Betty Carter. Tough way to settle, rather like having to settle for a wonderful Malbec, 'cause all the Pinot was killed the night before.

Pennies in a stream,
Falling leaves, a sycamore..
Moonlight in Vermont.

Icy finger waves,
Ski trails down a mountain side
Snowlight in Vermont.

Telegraph cables,
that sing down the highway
And travel each bend in the road,

People who meet in this romantic setting
Are so hypnotized by the lovely
Evening summer breeze,
Warbling of a meadowlark,
Moonlight in Vermont,

You and I and moonlight in Vermont.


reverend dick said...


Todd said...

Doesn't take "courage", Gunnar. Just a mild case of weirdness and the ability to notice 2-5-2 syllable words for a Tweeku and 5-7-5 syllables for a haiku.
Glad to see you were inspired by something I wrote. Enjoyed listening to the old song and reading the lyrics. You confused me with the title of your post though ... what's a "Vermnot" (some new vermin found only in Albert Lea?).
You inspired my first Tweeku of the day:

"Pinot. Killed the night before. Malbec?"

Just a little weird!