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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Morgans and Mooneys

Double click on this one. I think the detail is quite nice.

When I was a young man I owned a series of sports cars. At that time Class "C" was dominated by Porsches and Morgans, the tail-heavy Porsches snaking their way though the course, fighting off the Morgans in their 4-wheel drift, a sliding turn controlled by the accelerator. I drove that way on the gravel backroads I grew up on and always assumed that as an older gentleman I would be driving a Morgan motor car, driving it too fast for a man my age. Life and the market being what it is, I will never own a Morgan. It struck me the other day that the Peter Mooney I have been playing with recently, IS a Morgan in spirit. Of course it doesn't have the 400 BHP of a new Plus 8. (The 1993 Plus 8 pictured is for sale.)


Jonny Hamachi said...

Beautiful Bike. I've got a couple of MGs myself. Trade you a 73 Midget in the middle of a "freshening up" for your sweet Mooney...

Todd said...

Do not, I repeat, do not even consider the offer from Jonny to trade for his '73 Midget ... "freshening up" usually means it was a wreck that doesn't resemble the original. Besides, who would ever want a Midget? If he offers you a Morgan Plus 8 in "mint" condition, grab it! Until then, Mooney's forever!