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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Amazing Rhythm Aces

1970s Alt Country- when Miss Lorna and I were hot stuff. Please pardon the awful graphics, particularly on Beautiful Lie. As we say in Minnesota, "Uffda, you bet that's pretty bad ya know".
(It was so bad it was impossible not be distracted and I deleted it.)

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Margadant said...

Loved the frog on the "Too Stuffed to Jump" jacket. Also appreciate that you're keeping focused on ol' Waylon's memory.

Harking back to M.Jackson -- I'd say you're pretty much dead on. There was a promo for a radio show out here a few days ago; a local light had met the great one and was going on air to give her impression of the "Artiste." I had a fantasy about the interview, where to salt-of-the-earth SoDakan responds, "I thought he was a strange, creepy pervet."