Strix the harbinger
guards the exit gate, quizzing all
Who will pass this night?

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Michael Jackson

This week Michael Jackson is being touted as "THE GREATEST PERFORMER IN HISTORY!!!". Well, history is long. I'm getting older, but I still subscribe to Rolling Stone and follow current music. I have way too many records, tapes, CDs, etc - Jazz, Blues, Rock, Country, Classical, whatever. I have books on music. My point is, I guess, it's more than just background for me. It's a big part of my life. That said, I have never owned anything by Michael Jackson. I can put aside the fact that he was a creepy, pathetic little man who could not come to terms with his race nor sex. I cannot ignore the fact that to my ears all of his music was a bunch of overproduced crap. "A bunch of crap!" (imagine Peter Boyle saying it).

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