Monday, July 13, 2009


This past week an attachment was forwarded to half a dozen of us old farts, friends from high school and college. It was entitled:

It triggered ten liberal treehugger exchanges about how dumb and environmentally out of touch the GOP is, etc, etc - back and forth. Dorgan stopped us all in mid-keystroke with,
"What are you all getting so flummoxed about? Michelle Bachmann is my congressional representative. Top that as a source of constant aggravation."
Damn, that is tough sledding.


reverend dick said...

Bullshit is a naturally occurring natural part of Earth.

In fact, if you drew a pie chart of Earth's atmosphere you'd find that M. Bachman's bullshit represented 3% of the naturally occurring CO2 in Nature. So where is the human (i.e. voter) activity?

Wow. I had no idea.

Margadant said...

The Rev's comments are well taken. But, realizing that Ms. Bachman is in a position to also touch my life and the lives of my family, the only response to her YouTube lecture that I think is approriate is, "And Jesus wept."

Gunnar Berg said...

The district where Dorgan lives takes in a couple of affluent Twin Cities northern suburbs and gerrymanders north to a conservative rural Catholic area. Hell, she was re-elected.

Gunnar Berg said...

Mr Margadant was the originator of the attachment in question. As usual, he is responsible.

Chris said...

Maybe the representative from Minnesota needs some personal experience with this harmless , natural occurring gas. G-Man, would you be up for hosting an event featuring an airtight room and a leaking tank of CO2?